Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's Free Comic Book Day!

As most of you already know today is Free Comic Book Day. If you're a fan or not, you should check it out. I plan to go to my favorite shop, Secret Headquarters, and get a few. Then I'll be seeing X-men Origins:Wolverine.

Earlier in the week the film was getting mixed reviews but as of yesterday, the reviews have gotten worse. I just block them out. Honestly the trailer has been kind of lackluster to me except for a few cool moments. Then again the Batman Begins trailer wasn't all the spectacular and that film ended up being awesome. I think a problem today is that film trailer pack to much of the good stuff from the movies, so when you end up seeing the film you get the "been there done that vibe".

I'm still excited about Wolverine, though. I loved the first two X-men films. The 3rd wasn't great but had a lot of cool little moments. I'm hoping for that with Wolverine as well. I like that some mutants that weren't used in the other films will get a chance to shine here. In particular Gambit and Deadpool. Two of my favorites. These two seem to be polarizing between long-time X fans. I'm not sure about Deadpool's following, I know that Gambit is either loved or hated.

I'm looking forward to see how they are in the film. So far the casting for both characters seem to be good. I've been a big fan of Ryan Reynolds since his Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place days. He's very funny and has proven to be able to handle action scenes (Blade Trinity and Smoking Aces). The combination of comedy and action is exactly what Deadpool is about.

Then there's Taylor Kitsch who plays Gambit. So far Kitsch's biggest role has been Tim Riggins from the Friday Night Lights TV series. Of all of the characters on the show (which I haven't watched since early in the show's second season) he was one of the best. The character is when I think of it very Gambit-esque. From the scenes I've seen, he looks like he was a good choice.

Finally, I might as well talk about the star of the show, Wolverine. A lot of comic readers feel like he is overexposed. He might be. For a while the character was in a lot of comics. I was among those who were tired of him. But you know what, he's a good character. He has that mysterious past factor going for him. He's also a bit of an outsider. He is a good guy but with an edge. His solo adventures are always fun. His stories with the X-men are great too. When he's teamed up with non-mutant heroes like Spider-man, well you're in for a treat. As far as the movies go, Hugh Jackman has really made this character his own. I can't think of another unknown actor who has taken a hugely popular character and just deliver an amazing performance. For that matter be able to carry an action movie of a popular franchise.

I've just psyched myself up. I'll be posting a review later.

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