Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shock of the day

Today was pretty normal except for one thing. I got a shock early this morning. My friend's sister's ex-boyfriend passed away recently. They had dated for a few months and just broken up about two weeks ago.

I don't know the details other than he had diabetes and was a pretty private person. Apparently he had some set backs in his health over the past week and hadn't really brought it up. My friend's sister went to check on him last night or this morning because no one had heard from him in a while. He didn't answer the door so she called the sheriff's department to open it up. I'm assuming she was still there when they found him. I can't remotely imagine what she's going through right now.

I met this guy about three weeks ago, briefly at a spring football game at FSU. I had no idea he had severe health problems. He was also 27, my age.

I have known people who've died before but it was always expected. I wouldn't say I "knew" this person but it was still a surprise.

My day has been good but every now and then my mind drifts to this young man and his family and my friend's sister. Apparently he was not real communicative with his family either.

I'm not going to go into the whole "life is short" or "make sure you tell your family you love them" speeches. We've heard that countless times. This is just the one event/story that has stuck with me today. It's given me quite a bit to think about and consider.

Monday, April 20, 2009


At the end of the day my brother sends me a link to a place he wants to visit when we go to Chicago, Molly's Cupcakes. Looking at the menu throws a craving on me like no other for a cupcake. It was major.

I never think about it but I love cupcakes. Sure it's like a regular cake but better. It's really just the right amount and if you have one more you won't be considered a pig. At least I don't consider it to be an act of gluttony. Now if you went for a second piece of cake, forget about it.

I got off work right at five and headed straight for the one place I knew I could get an above average cupcake, The Cake Shop. I was under the gun here. They close at 5:30 and since I had downtown traffic I knew this was a close to impossible mission. With the windows rolled down and the music blaring I navigated my way through the bumper to bumper traffic. I made touchdown at exactly 5:25 p.m. I got my cupcake, well two.

Then I remembered I needed milk. So a quick stop at the grocery store and I had it. I told myself I should eat dinner first and then I could indulge. Well after getting dinner started, unloading the dishwasher, making a sandwich for tomorrow and talking to my brother on the phone, I had to have one. I did and it was breathtaking. As a result I didn't eat much of my spaghetti which is ok because I don't really like spaghetti. It's just something easy to make and there's usually enough for leftovers.

I was going to write about playing golf on Saturday. But who wants to hear about how I had a great time and still shot a 124? I'd rather hear the story about the guy who raced time and got a cupcake.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quick hits

I've slacked off on blogging. No particular reason. I have stuff to blog about just didn't feel like it. So here's some quick hits of what's been going on.

This Legislative Session has been weird. Not too many late nights. I've still been busy during the day. It also seems to be going by fast. It might be that everyone if focusing on the budget and not other issues.

I've been out to an actual club a few times now. It's not something I did in college. I have had some fun experiences and some not so fun experiences. Fun experience: random girl buying me a shot for no reason- twice! Not so fun experience: Driving two really drunk friends home. Both of who could barely walk straight and are twice my size. That was a new experience for them too.

I'm planning on taking a vacation to Chicago in May with my brother and his girlfriend. I'm looking forward to it. We've got our hotel and flight reservations already set.

I got excited about the Master's tournament this past weekend so I went to the driving range twice. I'm playing golf with some friends this Saturday.

Out of sheer boredom this week I made a twitter site. It's been fun though.

This weekend is the Tallahassee Film Festival. I plan to kill a lot of time there this weekend.